Working People

The following motion was moved Mark Buttigieg and seconded Ken Kennan / Bill Saravinovski and carried unanimously at the Rockdale Branch meeting held on 27th February 2018. The Secretary of the Rockdale Branch Mark Buttigieg has asked that the motion be circulated to all ALP Branches and party units for adoption as policy at the upcoming NSW State Conference.

That the NSW branch of the Australian Labor Party commit to changing the rules so that working people have more secure jobs and fair pay increases. 

This involves;

  • Reversing the casualisation of jobs in all their forms,
  • Ensuring working people have the bargaining power to negotiate freely with employers and
  • The independence of the fair work commission is restored along with its power to settle disputes on their merits.

The motion was supported by the Pennant Hills Branch.

That this motion of the NSW ALP be carried to SEC, FEC and the ALP National Conference in July 2018.