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Join the Party and Get Involved

It’s easy being critical of politicians and the political process, it really doesn’t take much effort. The less people that are involved in the political process the more power and influence those who are involved have! If you want the status quo, please do nothing, life is pretty good anyway isn’t it?

On the other hand real change takes hard work, dedication and sacrifice. One can write to their local member of parliament and provide a voice from the community. One could be an activist fighting for a particular cause, or one could also join a political party.

Joining a party such as the ALP offers a unique opportunity to make an impact, do something significant and become part of a community. ALP membership allows you to contribute to policy development and electoral campaigns, hold office in your local branch and to meet local candidates, councillors and members of parliament. 

You may even have the possibility to be pre-selected as an endorsed candidate and if elected to become a local councillor, state parliamentarian or a member of federal parliament. You gain first-hand experience of how our democracy and a political party work.     

The party needs a diverse range of people, with a diverse range of views and life experience across the full spectrum of society. People with intelligent ideas, vision and enthusiasm. If you are interested in making a difference contact us today.


President - Pennnnt Hills Branch