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Aged Care and Palliative Care - Proposed Motion

We call on the Federal Labor Party to develop Aged Care and Palliative Care policies which address the inadequacies of the present system, with its dependence on residential care, at great cost to the budgets of most families, and its dependence on private companies to supply this care.

We need a policy which meets the desires of the vast majority of older Australians to live at home with adequate home help and support care. This is a need in all areas, but is critical in regional and rural centres, where health and home care options are extremely limited.

In the light of the influenza epidemic last winter, which affected many elderly nursing home patients, we call for vaccinations to be made available to all residents and staff. There is also a need for affordable and compassionate palliative care to keep pace with the demands of a rapidly ageing population.

All Australians need to feel secure and valued, whatever their age.

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