Pennant Hills Labor Party Branch Website


Welcome to the Pennant Hills Labor Party Branch Website. The Australian Labor Party comprises of branches in each State and Territory of the Commonwealth of Australia. You can become involved in your local Labor State or Territory Branch by attending regular branch meetings.

The Pennant Hills Branch meets once a month to discuss local issues, current government actions and policies allowing you to participate and be part of the progressive community. You can also apply to join the branch as a member and play an active role in the management, take part in the development of local labor policies or help out the team. 

If you are interested to find out more information please have a look at our Branch Meetings page to see when the next meeting is coming up.

Or please Contact us and send us a message and the Secretary will get in touch with you to give you some more information about our branch.


Featured Items

Hornsby Council Updates - Out and About with Mick Marr

Hope everyone is going ok in lockdown. Bit scary with over 400 reported Covid cases. Haven’t done a lot of Out and About but have had various discussions on Zoom and the phone.
The Save Sydney Coalition Date Item Listed: Monday, 2 April 2018
SSC represents more than 150 community-based organisations in Sydney who are very angry about poor planning, disregard for heritage, overdevelopment, lack of infrastructure, the lack of conversation about population growth, no affordable housing, waste, declining public transport, and the overall lack of strategic policy development. Sydney must remain a LIVEABLE city.
Prototype Local Labor Network Developed Date Item Listed: Monday, 26 February 2018
The Local Labour Network Prototype has been setup to facilitate the establishment and operation of websites for Local Labor Party branches. This network provides an easy way to setup a website for your Labor Party Branch within this exiting framework, without the overheads of registering a domain name or paying for access commercial website hosting systems.